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The internet has opened up some insane and amazing opportunities in the past decade.  The problem for this new world will not be whether we can get information.  The problem will be navigating the deluge of possibilities to find the information and entertainment worth having.  The goal of this page is to highlight some great links related to the biblical story that are truly worthy of your time…and worthy of sharing with others.   As is the way of the web, this page will continue to expand and change as I find new resources.  Feel free to email me with your favorites so I can add them!  Here are some worthy links:

If you want to talk to someone about faith in Jesus Christ, there are people online waiting to chat with you, answer your questions, or pray.  You can go to: (This is Billy Graham’s website where people are trained to talk with people who are thinking through their faith and want someone to talk about it with).

Or if you’d like to  communicate with a committed Christian by email to request prayer, go here:

Great links to the Bible:

This is the website I go to for reading the Bible in almost any version in English.  They have an audio version of the Bible to listen to and programs for studying through the Bible in a year, three months, etc.  You can look up verses, search for themes, and any number of other things for study.  It is also the link I use at the top of each story on the blog to give readers an opportunity to encounter God’s Word:

Get the Bible in an audio form of the many languages of India:

Great learning tools for learning the stories of the Bible:

For links that tell the metanarrative of Scripture (the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation):

For links to videos that tell the smaller stories of Scripture:

These are EXCELLENT, informative one-page summaries of how to interpret the biblical narratives: 

Good articles on different aspects of biblical theology:

Great ways to get involved with praying for the work of Christ across the world:

Great information about how to pray for people groups around the globe:

Great resources on the Christian faith:

The Gospel Coalition is a great spot for blogs and resources that you can be sure are biblically sound and deeply enriching.

Desiring God is my favorite spot to go to for rich sermons…generally by John Piper.  They also have great blogs.

My Utmost for His Highest is one of the most richly powerful devotionals out there.  Oswald Chambers is the author and wow, did that guy have rich insights from the Lord.

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library makes available the great Christian literature at no cost to us.  Literally thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of library books are stored there representing how the great minds have engaged Scripture.

The Good Book Blog is where the professors of Talbot School of Theology Share their thoughts.  These folks are good people with passionate convictions and faith.

This is another site by Talbot that has videos with fascinating discussions about how to live out our faith in a fallen world.  It is an excellent, engaging resource.

This is a great site put out by Biola (the university that has Talbot as it’s School of Theology).  It has great videos addressing important issues.

Great blogs to follow by fellow believers:


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